Friday, September 21, 2012

Ten Days by Janet Gilsdorf

Ten Days by Janet Gilsdorf goes on sale, Tuesday, October 25, 2012.

Anna and Jake have been married for over six years and are busy raising two young boys under the age of three. Anna is a teacher and Jake is a successful orthopedic surgeon. Everything is rather ordinary and their marriage is seemingly strong --- until one night --- that changes their lives forever.

Baby, Eddie falls ill and Anna known for her ability to go overboard, calls her husband, Jake. She gives him a quick overview of, Eddie's illness and Jake makes the assumption that is is just a run of the mill cold. Anna suppresses her mothers instinct puts Eddie to bed and falls into a deep sleep brought on by the exhaustion of caring for a sickly child.

In the morning, Anna checks on Eddie. She finds him limp, cold and unresponsive. She quickly gathers, Chris and they rush of to the hospital. It is determined that, Eddie has meningitis and his life hangs in the balance. Anna refuses to leave, Eddies side and rather then lean on one another for support, Jake and Anna blame one another.

Whew --- you would think that would be enough to keep you hooked in but there is a lot more underneath the surface, such as, a little girl in Eddie's daycare comes down with meningitis and an epidemic is feared. Jake complicates life further by reaching out to his ex-girlfriend.

The plot along with all the sub-plots pull you in and keep you entertained. The characters are well written, interesting and believable. You can actually feel the pain the characters are undergoing and will easily find compassion and frustration towards both Jake and Anna.

Grade: A

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