Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mother of Pearl by Kellie Coates Gilbert

Mother of Pearl is an excellent read for Jodi Picoult, Barbara Delinsky and Kristin Hannah fans.

Barrie Graeber has two wonderful children and a loving husband. Life in general is pretty good and things seem to be going well until her daughter, Pearl is betrayed by her best friend and boyfriend. Pearl becomes withdrawn and pulls away from her friends and family. Barrie shrugs is off as normal teen angst until ---

One heart wrenching morning, Barrie is given the worst news a parent can ever receive, her beautiful young daughter is dead. She is grief stricken and on a mission to find out what happened to Pearl in the hours before her death. As things unravel she begins to find out that there is something more sinister going on in her hometown, that has to do with her daughters death.

I don't normally pick up books by christian publishers but this one is worth there. It isn't preachy and there isn't a lot of religions aspects to it. It's is worth the read. The character's and realistic and Gilbert delivers an amazing read with this debut novel.


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