Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann

I have to admit something. I judge a book by its cover and I nearly passed this one up. I don't like the cover, in fact I hate it. I think it's hideous. I actually book the book on the shelf and walked away. I returned to it weeks later --- and finally gave it a shot. I figured, I had nothing to lose and since it was a library book and one only cost me time. If, I hated it, I could just return it unread or unfinished.

I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up, really enjoying this book. I've learned a lesson --- sometimes, ugly covers produce good stories.

The Unwanteds is a fascinating, dystopian novel. It is an exciting and magical read. McMann weaves a creative story in which people are considered, Wanted, Necessary and Unwanted. Each has its place and the Unwanted are given a death sentence.

This is the story about the Unwanted and where they ultimately end up. Which is a magical land, called, Artime. It is also about a complex relationship between identical twins, one who is wanted and one who isn't.

The characters are well developed --- and the story is definitely worth reading. It is creative and fun!

Grade: A

Overview: [B&N]

When Alex finds out he is Unwanted, he expects to die. That is the way of the people of Quill. Each year, all the thirteen-year-olds are labeled as Wanted, Necessary, or Unwanted. Wanteds get more schooling and train to join the Quillitary. Necessaries keep the farms running. Unwanteds are set for elimination.

It’s hard for Alex to leave behind his twin, Aaron, a Wanted, but he makes peace with his fate—until he discovers that instead of a “death farm,” what awaits him is a magical place called Artimé. There, Alex and his fellow Unwanteds are encouraged to cultivate their creative abilities and use them magically. Everything Alex has ever known changes before his eyes, and it’s a wondrous transformation.

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