Friday, June 16, 2017

What Once We Feared: An Original Forest of Hands and Teeth Story by Carrie Ryan

What Once We Feared is a prequel told in short story to the Forest of Hands and Teeth Series.

This short story is a glimpse of when it all started. Jonah and his friends are on a class trip when all hell breaks lose and the zombie apocalypse hits. Jonah and his friends seek refuge in an apartment that belongs to a friends father.  This story is only 25 pages but it covers what life was like for these group of  five teens in those first, dark days. It shows the ramifications of choices and how when it comes down to survival it often comes to an everyman for himself mentality.

Expect many emotions to take place during this short read. You will be drawn and crave more. I love this version of events and want more, more and more! I am disappointed that the story is so short and if Carrie Ryan is somehow reading this blog, please write more, expand on this story!

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