Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan

I read The Dead-Tossed Waves back in October of 2010. The link to that blog post is HERE.

I can honestly say that this time around I enjoyed the book so much more! I believe this is because I read them right after one another and didn't have to recall characters and story lines. When I first read this book I found it to be slow paced but I was wrong! So much happens!

The main focus of this novel is Gabry but we do get some cameo visits from old characters!
Gabry is a teen girl who lives inside Vista. Vista is a "fortified" city that is trapped between the ocean and forest. Gabry is content and fears what lays behind the walls of her city especially the forest but one night she gives in to peer pressure and jumps the wall with her friends to visit the abandoned amusement park ( which is super creepy).

Chaos erupts shortly after when a breaker (zombie) attacks the group, at the insistence of a friend, Gabry runs and makes it back over the wall to safety. The rest of the group suffers to different degrees, some are turned to Mundo, others infection and others are "saved" yet will be punished for disobeying the rules.

Gabry is filled with guilty and journey's back across the wall and runs into a new and very interesting character! This is where the story really starts to unfold and secrets begin to unravel. Expect to learn more back ground stories. I strongly suggest that you read, The Forest of Hands and Teeth first as this book reveals and add to what happened in that book.

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