Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Penny: The Story of a Free-Soul Basset Hound by Hal Glen Borland and Taylor Ought

I was around 7 or 8 years old when, Lady entered my life. My dad picked me up one weekend and off I went and when we arrived at his home, I was greeted by a wiggly, big eared, soulful eyed basset hound puppy. She was sweet, mischievous, loved dressing up and had a penchant for cookies. She never meet a cookie she didn't like.

I loved stroking her long ears, scratching her belly, taking her on short walks (she was stubborn and refused to go on long walks) and reading to her. Lady quickly became a rather important part of my life and gave me an extra something to look forward to when my dad picked me up for weekends. Lady also had a habit of jumping into cars and in general loved people and then one day, Lady was gone. We suspect that someone had fallen in love with her and taken her.  It's been over 30 years since, I've seen that sweet girl and I miss her. When, I was given the opportunity to read "Penny: The Story of a Free-Soul Basset Hound, I jumped at the chance.

Penny left me feeling nostalgic. Penny a quirky little basset hound showed up at  Hal and Barbara Borland's farmhouse. They had recently lost a dog and were in no position mentally to take on another one but Penny wiggles her way into their heart and that of many others. Penny enjoys taking long walks, taking off to visit neighbors, the butcher shop and her "old" family. Penny enters and exits their lives as she pleases. She is a nomad and a wee bit of a trouble maker making this reader fall in love with her.

I was troubled by the way she was cared for. I understand that her "owners" felt she was a free spirit and allowed her to roam as she pleased but in my opinion a beloved dog should be cared for in a much better matter. I was saddened by her sleeping outside in the barn/shed rather than in the comforts of her own home. My heart broke that she roamed around and could easily have become a target, harmed, maimed or killed.

My heart was filled with joy when I heard about her character and while, I liked reading about, Penny - I didn't like reading about what I perceive to be not so great pet ownership. The book ends sadly, no conclusion. I won't give it completely away but .... I was left with emptiness and sadness, so reader beware.

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