Saturday, May 16, 2015

Conquering Chaos by Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra

Yes, I watch Teen Mom (hangs head in same) but I have a reason. I really do! I normally loathe reality TV but this one reality series has me intrigued. You see ---  I am the child of a teen mom and I broke all the stats and so did she.

I was raised by my grandparents and saw my parents on a semi-regular basis. Both my parents graduated from High School and although they got divorced they both waited 13 years to have another child. I myself have no children and became the first person on both sides of my family not only go to college but to also graduate.

My dad was born in another country and  brought to the United States as a baby. He was raised by his grandparents along with his 3 siblings. Their lives were hard, difficult and full of poverty yet -- all four managed to graduate from High School despite the hardships they faced being minorities and immigrants. My dad made me his world --- we had a special bond up until the last day of his life.

My mom -- was wild, young and fun but sadly didn't become a steady fixture in my life until I was 13. She managed to get her GED (before I was born!) and she went to cosmetology school -- all because she wanted ME to be proud of her and make something of herself and she did. She eventually became a teacher of cosmetology and then a director of a cosmetology school! How fucking awesome is that?! 

Back to my Teen Mom obsession --- Giving me up to be raised by my grandparents must have been one of the most difficult choices they made and one that fills them with guilt despite me being forgiving and more than okay with it. They unknowingly gave me the best gift in the world -- The love, trust and security of my grandmother and with that came an unbreakable bond.

 I have on occasion wondered what my life would have been like had it been put on a different path -- I imagine it would have been far different then what it is now, a world I do not want to picture for myself and because of this I watch Teen Mom, with intrigue and sociological eyes.

Back to  Conquering Chaos -- Catelynn and Tyler use to be my favorite teen mom couple but the way, Tyler treats animals (he abuses the) and the way he treats Catelynn and they way she allows herself to be treated has put me off them. I had hoped this book would once again make them my favorites but it didn't.

They don't seem to hold much back but they also don't tell us anything they haven't hinted at or revealed. Their life accounts are repetitive and the book comes off as preachy. There is no depth and the book is full of more grammatical errors that I can count (and I can usually get passed them). Catelynn and Tyler do have a story to tell but they aren't storytellers. If you have an hour or two to spare -- go ahead and pick it up. It's a super fast, easy read and under 150 pages. I think it is over priced so, borrow if from a friend, check it out from the library or wait until it is in paperback.


 My Teenage Dream Ended by Farrah Abraham

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