Monday, April 27, 2015

Find Me by Laura van den Berg

 “Hope is a seductive thing," he says. "Hope can make people lose all sense.”
― Laura van den Berg,
Find Me

Find Me wasn't anything like I suspected. I wasn't impressed. I was bored, annoyed and frustrated yet oddly insistent on finishing a book, I had such high hopes for! The premise was great but the execution failed.

Joy Jones was abandoned on the door steps of a hospital. She shuffles from one foster home to another and then an then a pandemic hits. The virus is strong and wipes of multitudes of individuals, causing them to lose their memories. Joy and some other individuals found to be immune or asymptomatic are being held captive in a hospital that is trying in vain to find the cure.

A bunch of stuff happens in the hospital but the only part that was worth reading was when a resident came down with the virus and how it impacted not only him but Joy. 

The cast of characters are forgettable but the virus is frightening! The story is unresolved and events are never fully explained.

Grade: D

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