Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Forgetting to Be Afraid: A Memoir by Wendy Davis

 “Very quickly after receiving the official ruling from the lieutenant governor on the floor, my Democratic colleagues and I exited the senate chamber, where we were met by hundreds and hundreds of people, joyously shouting. We were embraced by therm and cheered by them as we spoke and thanked them. There was so much emotion that it’s hard to even describe what that moment felt like. It was surreal. Who among us could have possibly predicted the events of the day?” -Wendy Davis,  Forgetting to Be Afraid

Wendy Davis is the first Democrat in over two decades to take a serious run at becoming the next Governor of, Texas.

This is her story. Wendy, was raised by a single mother and like many other women before and after her, she became a statistic. A single, teen mom.

Davis, struggled but didn't give up! She pushed herself to excel and eventually became an alum of the very prestigious, Harvard University. Along the way, Davis and her family had to make many sacrifices. This included but was not limited to, Davis living alone while going to, Harvard and flying back home on weekends to see her husband and children.

Davis is perhaps best known for her fight to protect women's right. She filibustered, Governor Rick Perry's bill that aimed to close all but five abortion clinics in her home state of Texas.

Davis has also included her own private medical history, which included ending an ectopic pregnancy (which is 100% fatal to the mother and child) and aborting a fetus that was already suffering and would have continued to do so had it reached full gestational age. A difficult choice for any parent to make.

Wendy Davis is a courageous. This is an well written, educational read.

Grade: A

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