Thursday, August 21, 2014

Enders (Starters) by Lissa Price

Enders is the sequel to Starters and from what I understand it also the conclusion to this short lived series that had to much to offer! Starters is perhaps one of the best dystopian novel's I've read and I was hoping that Lissa Price would expand on the series. You absolutely must read, Starters first or you will be completely lost.  My Review of Starters, can be found HERE.

 Callie, Tyler and Michael are finally free from, Prime Destinations and are living as normal of a life as possible until ... Another, Starter blows up in front of Callie and she starts hearing the Old Man's voice in her head.

This does not bode well for Callie and other Starters, like her. This means they can still be controlled by the chips buried deep inside their brains. Callie wants hers removed but her chip is special and has been altered, making her a valuable commodity to the "Old Man".

The "Old Man" is watching and waiting, His plans are diabolical and Callie has plans to extinguish them but can the voice of a man claiming to be her father who died in the spore wars.....deter her?

Enders has some excellent plot twists, with a high creep factor but it fails to sizzle the way, Starters did. The ending felt a bit  anti-climatic. I'm also annoyed that, Price didn't expand further on the, Spore Wars. What was it?  How did it get started? When did it end? Was it a war? Was it a disease? I needed more information on an event that was so pivotal it changed the world. If you have read and loved Starters, I suggest that you take the time to read Enders but if you haven't forewarned that the this sequel is slightly disappointing.

Grade: C+

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