Saturday, March 29, 2014

Missing You by Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben delivers another fantastic read. It's entertaining, thrilling and nearly impossible to put down! Quite possibly the best book he has written to date.

 Be prepared for a lot of twist, turns and subplots! Coban manages to make all his characters distinct, which makes this character driven novel a breeze to read.

Kat Donovan is a detective for NYPD. She is haunted by the murder of her father and can't quite get over her broken engagement from, Jeff, that happened 18 years ago. Her best friend signs her up for an online dating site and which she stumbles upon, Jeff's profile, old feelings return.

The man who confessed to murdering her father is dying and when Kat pays him a visit in prison old suspicions arise. She's not sure the right man is behind bars and her investigation into his death, just might reveal more than she can handle.

A young man reaches out to, Kat asking her for help finding his mother, who he believes is missing. At first she is hesitant. The case isn't in her state and everything points to his mother just out having a good time. He convinces her and when she begins to investigate, she's find that things aren't quite what they seem.

Grade: A+

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