Friday, January 3, 2014

Plague by Lisa C Hinsley

Plague will have you shivering .... it's descriptive, horrifying and emotionally charged.

Authorities are telling people that an outbreak of the plague isn't spreading but it is clean to Liz and Johnny that what is being reported can't be true. Their four year old son, Nathan is ill and showing tell tale sighs that he is infected with the bubonic plague.

They report it to the authorities and find themselves trapped in their home. It has literally been boarded up and all they can do is wait and watch. As time passes, their son becomes sicker and they slowly loss access to the outside world and they can only watch as more homes in their neighborhood become boarded up just like theirs.

You can feel the heat and hear the flies buzzing about. You feel the horror of watching a loved one die and waiting for your own demise. This is a perfect psychological horror novella that will creep you out and make you go what if?

Grade: A

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