Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Letters from Skye: A Novel by Brockmole, Jessica

Letters from Skye draws you in from the moment you read the first words. It all starts in 1912, when David Graham an 18 year old from Illinois, writes a letter to a poet named, Elspeth Dunn. Elspeth is 24 years old and lives on the Isle of Skye in, Scotland. A simple fan letter turns into an exchange of letters over a long period of time.

The letters take place before and after WWI.  As a reader,  you,  also get to experience another letter exchange between others characters, during WWII. 

This novel of correspondence is a fast, entertaining read that explores the relationships between people through written word, an art form that is being lost with the technological face-paced world we live in. 

This lovely, little book will have a few surprises in store for you, despite having a star crossed lovers theme to it. 

Grade: B

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