Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Silver Star: A Novel by Walls, Jeannette

The Silver Star is about two teen girls,who's mother leaves them alone, constantly to pursue her career. One of these trips, proves to be too much and they board a bus to visit their Uncle in, Virginia.

Their, Uncle is a recluse, odd and ornery, yet they manage to find away into his heart. They are able to develop more of a family dynamic situation and living in, Virginia allows them the opportunity to meet family they didn't know they had.

As, with many small towns, long hidden truths surface ...

I had a bit of trouble getting into this novel. It lacked something. I'm not entirely sure if it was character development, suspense or something else. I wasn't fully drawn into and more often then not it dragged yet, I felt compelled to read it, as it had been highly recommended to me.

Overall, this novel is unremarkable. I suggest borrowing it or checking it out from the library.

Grade: D

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