Monday, August 12, 2013

The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice

It's been five years since, Julia lost her husband and daughter. She seeks solitude in her Aunt and Uncles, Lemon Orchard in Malibu, Ca.

She has no idea that this visit, will forever change her life. She meets, Roberto, an undocumented immigrant, who manages the farm. They slowly reveal their life stories to one another and Julia finds out that when Roberto and his daughter were crossing over (illegally) into the United States, she was lost during a raid.

Roberto holds out some hope that she is still alive --- and Julia makes it her quest to find out what happened to his daughter, to give Roberto some degree of, solace.

The connection between, Roberto and Julia moves slowly from friends, to confidants to lovers. The romance is sweet, seemingly innocent and beautiful.

This is a multifaceted story, that focus on immigration, hope, love and family. Rice, manages to add a very comparative analysis between the immigration of the Irish and the Mexican.

The plot is well structured, the characters are likable and the read is emotional.

Grade: A

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