Friday, May 3, 2013

Don't Go by Lisa Scottoline

Dr. Mike Scanlon is serving in, Afganistan but a turn of events, causes his return to the United States. His young, wife dies suddenly due to an unfortunate accident, leaving their baby daughter mother less.

Upon, his return he finds that his life is falling apart. His practice is a mess, he has PTSD, his sister in-law wants full custody of his daughter and his wife was harboring a deep set of secrets. Picking up the pieces of his life is a lot harder than expected.

Scottoline, does an excellent job at making you feel deep empathy for Mike. It is a good read and it flows easily from chapter to chapter. It's predictable and refreshing as it is told from a males point of view.  There is a degree of action in this easy to read novel. A perfect, simple, summer read.

Grade: B

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