Thursday, March 28, 2013

Requiem (Delirium) by Lauren Oliver

Requiem is the final installment in the, Delirium, Trilogy. It starts off rather slowly and then builds up. There are essentially two stories being told, Hana's and Lena's. You would expect Lena's to be the most interesting since she is the main character but Hana's is by far more engaging.

Lena's is basically about the resistance, being in the wilds and questioning her choices. Hana has been given the cure but it didn't work quite right. She struggles with it, while planning her upcoming nuptials with, Fred --- who will eventually be the mayor.

Requiem is a bit darker then its predecessors and it just doesn't measure up to the delivery of the first book, Delirium. The ending is probably not what many readers will anticipate or want because a lot is left unanswered. Just keep in mind that this isn't about whom, Lena chooses but that she had the freedom to do so and to love who she wants.

Grade: B-

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