Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quicksilver by R. J. Anderson

Quicksilver is a disappointing sequel to, Ultraviolet. It's best to just shuck the book aside and move on. Seriously, just enjoy the memory of Ultraviolet because, Quicksilver is bad, bad bad. So, your probably asking yourself, then why did she read it? Well .... because I was committed to this series and I had such high hopes.

Unlike, Ultraviolet, Quicksilver focus's on the character of Tori. Tori is interesting enough but her story line just isn't strong enough to carry an entire book. The book is extremely predictable and the entire tone of the books is so different from, Ultraviolet that one would think it was written by a different author.

The pacing is rather slow and the book just doesn't capture your full attention. It's been ages since, it's taken me so long to complete a book due to the lack of interesting material. It will be awhile before, I read a book by Anderson, again.

If you're going to read this .... I recommend you read the first book because it won't stand on its own.

Grade: F

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