Saturday, December 29, 2012

Speechless (Harlequin Teen) by Hannah Harrington

Chelsea is best friends with the "It" girl, which in turns makes her popular. She is a known gossip and when she spills the juicy details on something she witnessed, the results are devastating.

Chelsea takes a vow of silence and the reactions from her classmates, parents and teachers is mixed. She is quickly pushed out of the popular group and is harassed daily. She finds solace among a group of "outcasts".

She using texts, paper and a white board to communicate with others. Chelsea uses this time to reflect on what she has done and how she has harmed others in the past. Her character grows and develops. She becomes a better version of herself and learns many lessons along the way.

This is an excellent and entertaining read. You will easily breeze through this mesmerizing novel.

Grade: A

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