Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wellesley Wives by Suzy Duffy

Today brings us a very special and exciting stop on the Wellesley Wives, book tour.
A first for, Books & Reviews. I am excited to introduce my readers too, Suzy Duffy's newest book.

Wellesley Wives first came out, September 27th of this year and it is book one of the, New England Trilogy.

This book is a gem. I loved everything about it. The storyline, the characters, the writing and the relationships are all fantastic and interesting. Duffy knows how to deliver a great story. The dynamics of the relationships are all rather interesting and hook you in.

Popsy and Sandra are the best of friends, living the high life in Boston. They have beauty, money, successful husbands and an amazing friendship that is about to be tested. Divorce, infidelity, family problems and financial ruin put them on an unexpected path.

Popsy's two daughters, Rosie and Lily also play pivotal roles in this story adding a very interesting mix to the story line. This character driven book is told in a point of view fashion by all four ladies. Buckle up and expect a fun and bumpy ride.

Grade: A

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