Thursday, October 11, 2012

Breed: A Novel by Chase Novak

Alex and Leslie have a seemingly perfect life. Good looks, a beautiful home, successful careers and money. Lots of money. The one thing they lack and desire are children. They have tried various methods to beat their infertility but have had no success until Dr Kis. They travel deep into, Slovenia and Dr Kis provides a treatment that not only makes Leslie pregnant but has adverse and unique side effects.

Their twin children, Adam and Alice are clever, beautiful and acutely aware that not all is normal with their parents. They spend each night locked up in their rooms until one night when Adam finds a way out and takes his sister with him.

They escape and run from the madness surrounding their home life in a quest to find answers and avoid imminent death.

Breed starts off really strong --- and have a interesting angle but somewhere along the way the fire burned out.  The characters are well developed, the plot is very interesting but it just isn't very compelling.  If you're squeamish skip this book because there are a few gruesome scenes.

Grade: C+

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