Thursday, June 7, 2012

Little Night: A Novel by Luanne Rice

Little Night, is Rice's newest book. It was published, June 5, of this year.

It is well written, with strong characters and a serious storyline. Clare's life was shattered on the day she attempted to protect her sister, Anne from her abusive husband. Anne betrayed her sister by taking the stand and lying under oath. This lie put, Clare behind bars and resulted in a terminated relationship between, Anne, her husband and their children. Clare also pushed away her fiance, leaving her alone and lonely.

Nearly 20 years later, Grit, Anne's daughter shows up on, Clare's doorstep. Grit is mysterious and withdrawn and as her story unravels you learn about the years of abuse Grit, her brother and mother have sustained under their brutal hands of her father. Current time is mixed in with the past in a flawless and flowing manner.

The story also takes you back in time, to a period when Anne and Clare had a strong sisterly bond and how it slowly dissolved when Anne's became involved with, Frederik. 

This is a story about complex family relationships, forgiveness and love. A must read book.

Grade: A

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