Friday, June 1, 2012

Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl is by Gillian Flynn goes on sale, June 5, 2012! 

If you haven't read anything by Flynn you are missing out on a great author! This book is an excellent introduction to her work, she knows how to weave a tale and keep you entertained. 

I really don't want to give away too much so this is going to be rather brief. The reason, I don't want to reveal much is because this is the first book in ages that has surprised me. I didn't expect the twists and turns. You think you have it figured out until,  Flynn tosses something new at you. 

On the fifth anniversary of their wedding, Nick comes home to find that his wife, Amy is missing.  The scene suggests foul play but the police investigation along with clues point at, Nick.  Nick is under scrutiny and the press is turning the world against him.

The person Amy is, is revealed through her diaries. Everything is not as it seems. Their marriage is crumbling and both have their share of secrets that are slowly revealed to the audience. The story is told in alternating chapters from character's points of view, so you get to fully experience what they are going through. 

I'm not giving any more away. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so you're going to have go and get this book as soon as possible.

This book is ama-zing and I expect that you too will read it, in under 24 hours.

Grade: A+

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