Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Obsidian Blade (Klaatu Diskos) by Pete Hautman

The Obsidian Blade makes it debut on April 10, 2012.

Tucker Fye watches his father disappear off the roof of their home. The shimmering disc on the roof must have something to do with it. Tucker's father appears later in the day with a young girl named, Lahlia. She is peculiar and his father has changed. He use to have faith and now he no longer believes in god. His mother starts to act strange and then one day both his parents disappear.

His uncles takes him to live with him and then, Tucker disappears into the disc. He discovers that the disc is a means of time traveling. Time traveling is a tough concept to get your mind past and to write about but Hautman does a pretty decent job.

Tucker is on a quest to find his father and mother and this takes him to many different and interesting places. The character's are well developed but this story it a big difficult at times to grasp but if you walk away and let it sink it , it all settles in to your brain.

A fun and interesting read.

Grade: B

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