Saturday, September 10, 2011

Deviant by Adrian McKinty (Oct 1, 2011)

I can't quite decide how or to even review this book but I am going to give it a change. Deviant isn't a terrible book but maybe it is better suited for males.

Some might find it a bit gruesome, dark and disturbing. I found it a bit tedious to read but was committed to finishing it. It doesn't flow very well and grip you the way a really good book does.

Danny and his family move from Las Vegas to Colorado. His mom has a new job and at casino and his new school is weird. They can't talk, they have to wear white gloves and the teachers and students read from a script.

Cat killings begin and Danny wants to find out who is doing it... This twisted mystery takes you in several directions until the killer is revealed.

Publication date is set for October 1st of this year.

Grade: C

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