Monday, September 19, 2011

All These Things I've Done (Birthright) by Gabrielle Zevin

It is 2083 and chocolate is illegal (this is not good) so is coffee and caffeine. Crime and poverty are at an all time high. The government is rationing food, water and electricity. Did, I mention chocolate is ILLEGAL????

Anya and her siblings are orphans. Her grandmother is deathly ill and her father was an infamous crime boss. Life is hard enough for Anya and it only gets harder when she is accused of purposely poisoning her ex-boyfriend with chocolate.

Zevin's writing style and characterization is still as impressive as ever but --- I definitely feel as though, I am missing something about Anya's personality, which, I suppose is good since All These Things I've Done is going to be a series.

This is a highly entertaining start to a series....

Grade: B-

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