Sunday, February 24, 2008

Balancing in High Heels by Eileen Rendahl

A must read "Chick lit".

This novel is Marian Keyes meets Meg Cabot. The main character, Alissa gives a whole new meaning to anger managment! A simple one day read, I'm just sorry, I let, it sit on a shelf for so long before picking it up to read. I look foward to reading more books by Eileen Rendahl.

Grade: A-


Just the fax, ma'am.

Alissa Lindley didn't mean to take it out on the fax machine. But when your not-yet-ex-husband knocks up his girlfriend and your divorce is going worse than the next World War -- well, something's got to give. Unfortunately, Alissa's employers at the L.A. Public Defender's office take a dim view of the destruction of office equipment. Funny how that anti-workplace violence policy used to seem like a good idea, before she got fired. And the networking thing just isn't happening at her Anger Management class.

He was arrestingly handsome.

San Jose is the place for a fresh start -- it's home, and family and friends are eagerly waiting to welcome her. But her first job as a lawyer there has Alissa walking a high wire of complicated emotions. Her client is from the Butterfly Brigade, a group of justice-seeking (and interestingly tattooed) ladies who right wrongs as they see fit even if that means bending the law. The arresting officer, Detective Rodriguez, is so hot he should be illegal. But can Alissa trust her instincts again when it comes to love? Or will one wrong step send her new life crashing down?

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