Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Select by Marit Weisenberg

   Select will be released October 3, 2017

Select is destined to be the next but much better “Twilight”.  There are no vampires just humans of a different race who are highly evolved with spectacular talents.

Julia’s is no ordinary girl nor are her family and friends. Julia’s is however lead to believe that she is less than the others within her group. Her father is the “leader” and when she is caught showing off her talents she is punished. Her punishment is to be taken out of her comfort zone and to attend public school but she mustn’t showcase her talents or draw any attention to herself.

Julia’s runs into John at her public school – John whom she had interacted with before and who is suspicious of her and her friends. John and Julia are drawn to one another and despite not being allowed to date outside her circle she finds herself falling for him and him for her.

This book with a lovely cover is full of interesting characters. It starts off a bit slow and you might find yourself confused initially but then … it starts to unravel and everything makes sense. I love the take on a super evolved human race who are still quite “normal”. This is a refreshing and fun new YA novel that will leave you anxious for book 2. 

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