Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult

The Tenth Circle is metaphoric journey through Dante's Inferno told by a cast of characters dealing with one night of  violence against a 14 year old teenage. Some could argue that Trixie the 14 year old is the main character of this story but I disagree and say that it is her father, Daniel.  Daniel tells his story of rescuing his daughter by drawing a comic in which he enters Dante's Inferno and walks the different levels of hell searching for his daughter and a way to save her.

Daniel, Trixie and Laura each have their own secrets, some darker and more devastating that another.
Pretty, smart, popular, Trixie goes to a party and her life and that that of others changes due to an act of violence.  Trixie reports that she has been raped by her ex-boyfriend, evidence points to her story being true and then he is found dead. It is initially thought to be a suicide but then Trixie and Daniel becomes suspects.  The story unravels until the truth is presented.

This isn't my most favorite novel of Picoult's novels and there is A LOT going on. Many different story lines but the do eventually merge. The ending is rather abrupt and expected.

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