Friday, February 17, 2017

My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

My Not So Perfect was recently released and Sophie Kinsella once again wrote a book that kept me turning the pages and loving the characters! The female characters are strong, intelligent and hilarious.

Katie Brenner is living in London and projecting a life of glamour in her social media but things aren't exactly what they seem. Katie isn't quite living her dream and her job isn't exactly what she's striving for. Her flatmates are odd at best and office politics just aren't her thing.

Life picks up, she meets a potential romantic partner and then.... she is fired. Katie is struggling to put the pieces of her life together but isn't getting any job offers. She begrudgingly returned to her family farm to help her father and step-mother get their new endeavor off the ground.

Unexpected guests arrive at her families new business and the truth begins to unravel.

Expect to laugh out loud and be charmed by this little book! This has become my favorite Kinsella book, yet! Pick up your copy today.

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