Saturday, October 8, 2016

H2O by Virginia Bergin

The book starts of interesting and then makes a steady decline but not enough of one to make me chuck the book.

Those of use who have access to clean water take it for granted. Turning on the tap to wash your hands, cook food, cleaning clothing and drink water are habits we turn to routinely. We don't give it a second thought to stick our hands outside the window on a rainy day or stand under a steady stream of water but one seemingly normal rainfall changes these habits for the characters of H20.

A rain falls infecting and killing millions of people. The human race is doomed and the apocalypse is in full force. Ruby a teen girl is the central character and like most teens she is self centered, impulsive and naive.

The rain falls and those caught in or (or drinking water exposed to it) leave a person scratching incessantly at their skin, drawing blood and if I remember correctly chickenpox like lesions appear followed by death.

 As with the majority of apocalyptic novels survivors band together. Good vs. Evil crops up and survival of the fitness (or wise) becomes central. Ruby teams up with a odd cast of characters as they try to avoid rain and survive.

I can't give this novel a strong recommendation because I went in expecting so much more but am interested in seeing what continues to happen to this misfit character.

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