Monday, February 22, 2016

The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens

Joe Talbert is a college student and he is tasked with writing an brief biography of a stranger. Joe decided he will visit a nearby nursing home and seek a willing subject. This is when, Carl Iverson enters his life, changing the lives of both of them forever.

Carl is dying of his cancer and has been released from prison and sent to this nursing home to live out what little time he has left. Carl is a Vietnam Vet and a convicted murderer. Carl and Joe from a bit of a bond and Joe starts to dig into this 30 year old case and finds that it is buried in secrets.

As with many good books, Esken's introduces characters to add life, intrigue and conflicts to an already busting at the seams story line.

This is a page turning, keep you on your toes investigation novel. You won't want to pass this one up.
I only have one complaint and it we don't get any feedback on the success or failure of the assignment from the professor.

Grade: A

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