Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mockingjay Feb 25, 2014 by Suzanne Collins

The first time I read, "Mockingjay" I wasn't impressed and didn't care much for it. To be honest, I almost didn't re-read the series because of this final book. It wasn't because I hated it, but because I was disappointed in the way things transpired however this has changed dramatically.

When I first read it, I remember being rather bored and forcing myself to get through many of the chapters and build up. This time I found myself enjoying the character development and the build up to the final moment.

The first time I  read the ending, I hated it.... If you haven't read it, I advise you to close this out because I'm about to give a spoiler.

I felt it was totally cliched that Katniss ended up with Peta. In fact, I had wanted her to end up with some unknown character. I never felt that Peta or Gale were a match for her. I know realized that Peta was the best choice for her, they could related to one another on levels that no one else could and what they had been trough tied them to one another. I believe that being with Gale would have been a disaster for both of them. They would both have spent their entire lives blaming Gale for the demise of Prim since it was his idea behind the technology that resulted in her death.

I  still stand by my belief that them having children wasn't true to their characters. I also wish that, Collins had tied up a few things, such as what had become of some beloved characters. It was still a bit to sickly sweet for me but I enjoyed it and can now say that this trilogy was worth the read.

Grade: A +

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