Thursday, July 30, 2015

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

Luckiest Girl starts off a bit weak and you question why you're reading it -- then you find yourself completely absorbed in this brilliant and gripping novel.

This is "Mean Girls" to the  max.  Topics such as ddepression, anxiety, eating disorders, bullying and sexual assault are covered. This is a dark and intriguing read.

This is Jessica Knoll's debut novel and it is character driven, which allows you to get to know the main character, Tifani.

Tifani's story is told in a flashback pattern, flipping back and forth, from present time to the past. Readers get to know both the adult and teen version of, Tifani. When, Tifani was a young girl she became a victim of a devastating event, that has left her traumatized. This book explores the impact it has had on her throughout her entire life and a secret she has carried with her that when revealed will be explosive.

The most interesting and compelling chapters are the ones that take place during, Tifani's teen years. Adult, Tifani just isn't as entertaining but that doesn't mean that, the  novel isn't thought provoking or haunting. 

Expect sharp writing and a plot twist you don't exactly see coming.  

Grade: A

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