Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bernard Slade's Same Time, Next Year [ 1978 ] a novelization by Linda Stewart

  - the measure of a relationship is not how long it lasts but how happy it makes you. - Linda Steward, Bernard Slade's Same Time, Next Year

 If you haven't figure it out yet -- this little gem of a book is based upon Bernard Slade's,
"Same Time, Next Year" play.

 Having been very active in the theater community in High School and University (I was a theater major for 2.5 years) I was surprised, that I had never run across this particular play.  A late night conversation with a dear friend, stirred me in this direction of this novel and I was transfixed from start to finish.

The plot focuses on a couple, who get together every year at the same time, same place despite being married (but not to each other!).  Their tryst, affair, rendezvous, whatever you want to call it spans decades. The connection between the two characters is deep and oddly sweet.

The love and intimacy Doris and George develop over time fills the voids in their marriages. Their yearly romantic retreat is filled with laughter, love and tears!

Grade: A

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