Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dogtology: Live. Bark. Believe by Jeff Lazarus

Dogtology will be published, April 21, 2015

Dog· tol· o· gy
1. The belief in Dog.
2. The system of rituals, practices, and behaviors engaged in by Dogtologists.
 - Jeff Lazarus, Dogtology

This is the perfect book for any dog lover. I own a 7 pound, loveable, quasi friendly, Chihuahua. He is my " baby". He makes me laugh, gives unconditonal love and has no judgments. The love between a human and his dog is unbreakable.  I am talking about a human who won't abandon their dog when they move, have a baby, when the dog gets old or any other shitty reason people give up dogs. I am talking about the love, in which you rearrange you life and take your dog on vacation (if possible) with you because you simply can't be without him. 

Dogtology is about that love. It is full of funny, relate able moments. You will find yourself nodding your head in agreement and laughing aloud. There is a mix of humor and facts throw into this book.  You won't want to put this book down, unless your dog is looking for attention and laying across the book for  belly rubs like my little guy!

Get a copy or two for you and your friends and family.

Grade: A

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