Saturday, November 22, 2014

Atlantia by Ally Condie

 “So much of life is in the smallness of moments...but they are harder to mark. So we need the grander celebrations and occasions. People like to feel significant”
Ally Condie,  Atlantia

 The world has been divided into the above and below. Those who live in the above have shorter life expectancies due to pollution and those who live in the below live longer, healthier lives. These worlds need each other in order to survive. They rely on one another and have for many generations.

 During the annual ceremony in which the time of the divide is celebrated, those in the below can make a choice to leave and go above if they meet the requirements.  Rio and Bay are sisters who live in the below, in a city called, Atlantia. Rio has always dreamed of going above and Bay loves her life in the below however, Bay makes a choice to go to the above. This leaves Rio stunned, angry and stuck in, Atlantia forever.

 Rio makes it her mission to find out why her twin has made the choice to leave and not tell her. She uncovers many things about her sister, mother, aunt and life in, Atlantia.

Atlantia starts off really slow and then builds up but it never quite reaches its full potential. The premise is unique but it lacks execution.  The characters are rather flat and difficult to connect to, the exception to this is one minor character named, True.  The ending is too neat and tidy.

Grade: C-

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