Thursday, August 7, 2014

Silver Shadows: A Bloodlines Novel by Richelle Mead

Silver Shadows in the 5th book in, Richelle Mead's, Bloodlines series. Do this book if you haven't read the previous four books and The Vampire Academy series. In order to have a full understanding of plots and characters you need the background information! It is vital that you've read all the books leading up to this or you will not grasp the full impact of the plot and characters lives.

Beautiful, smart, Sydney Sage has been captured by, The Alchemists.  She is in a re-education camp and what goes on in there is.....unimaginable. She has no contact with the outside world, The Alchemist have made sure of this.

She is put into deep slumbers by gasses pumped into her room and then more gasses are pumped into her room to put her in an agitated state. Her time in a dark, enclosed cell with little to no food has weakened her and eventually she gives into them and says what she needs to in order to get out.

Getting out only proves to be slightly better. They put her into circulation with others like her, whom have disobeyed the orders, rules and laws set forth by, The Alchemists. Re-education that takes place on the outside of her dark cell has its own horrors and Sydney is just biding her time in hopes of escaping or being released.

Adrian is on the outside. He is shattered. His attempts and wielding spirit in hopes of making contact with his beloved, Sydney are proving to be fruitless. In true, Adrian fashion his life spirals out of control. His wild days of excessive drinking, partying and melancholy return.

In order to find a way back into one another arms, they will have to overcome many obstacles. They can only hope that their plans to reach one another come to fruition.

Expect twists and turns, expect the unexpected.  The ending will leave you wanting so much more, unfortunately the next book won't be out until, February of 2015.

Grade: A+

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