Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch

Perfected goes on sale today!

Perfected had me completely captivated. The idea of humans being sold and breed as pets is intriguing and scary. Ella lives in a dystopian world in which girls are genetically engineered and bred as pets. They are ideal, perfect and beautiful. They are thee stats quo for elite.

 Ella is purchased as a pet for Congressman Kimbal's, daughter, Ruby. Ella is whisked away to live the pampered life of a pet. Ella is naive and slowly learns about life, love and relationships outside of the kennels. 

Ella and Penn, the congressman's son form an intense relationship and their love can mean the end of life for, Ella. 

This story is told from, Ella's point of view. Do not expect background information on the politics and laws that made breeding humans as pets, possible. This dystopian novel is also quite different from other dystopians in that, there is no mention of wars, plagues or apocalyptic events that have caused this change to happen in society. It is about moral compass and ethics. 

The ending is heart wrenching and leaves you wanting more, more, more. I hope a sequel is in the works.

Grade: A

If you enjoyed,  Lauren DeStefano's, Chemical Garden trilogy and Kiera Cass's,  Selection Trilogy this book is PERFECTED for you!

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