Thursday, February 20, 2014

Twisted Sisters by Jen Lancaster

Jen Lancaster writing is superb. Only, Jen can write a book in which you are full entertained by a character you despite.

Regan Bishop is uptight, obsessive, neurotic, self absorbed ... ( you get the idea).  Regan is a psychologist who works for a reality TV show, called Push.  Push specializes is dysfunctional adults who need long time therapy. Overall, Regan is happy with the TV show she stars in but thing are about to change when the show is sold to another network who plans to take the who in an entirely different direction.

The relationships, Regan has with people are negative at best. She is critical of her sisters and sees herself as the victim and not the perpetrator. She believes that her parents have always favored her siblings over her, despite being more "successfull" then, them.

Regan's life is further complicated by her messy relationship with her ex but things are about to change when, Deva becomes a bigger focal point in her life, teaching her a thing or two about herself and the relationships she has with others.

Jen's writing is clever, entertaining and laugh out loud funny. This is a perfect beach or pool side read.

Grade: A+

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