Monday, February 17, 2014

Above by Isla Morley

Above by Isla Morley will hit bookstores, March 4

, 2014

Blythe Hallowel, is a sixteen year old girl living in, Eudora, Kansas. On, what is suppose to be a fun night of celebration she finds herself in the hands of a mad man. She is abducted by, Dobbs, a man who works in her school library. He takes her underground to live in a silo.

 Dobbs is a fanatic and a survivalist. He believes that the world is going to end. He has stockpiled the, silo and plans to keep, Blythe so that they can repopulate the earth after disaster strikes. Blythe fights him tooth and nail, trying to find a way out, to be free but freedom doesn't come for 17 years. When, Blythe finally escapes with her teenage soon, she finds that freedom comes with a price.

The world has fallen into shambles, it is contaminated and so are the people who have survived the fall out. Blythe and her son who has never stepped foot outside the silo are left to navigate a new, harsh world

Above is an interesting read. The character's are strong and the storyline starts off strong but then takes  a steady nose dive downward. It felt as though, I was reading two different books. There are riveting scenes that keep you turning the pages and scenes that make you question why you keep reading. There is a mix of religion and some disconnect from the main character. 

Overall this book is an above average read. The first portion is the best and second half is rushed, chaotic and messy. The second brings down the overall enjoyment of this novel but if you find yourself with some time to your hands, take a chance and read, Above.  You might just like it more than, I did.

Grade: C+

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