Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson

When, Sophie's father passes, she is sent to live with her godfather, Monsieur de Cressac. Life at, Wyndriven Abbey in, Mississippi is very different from her life in, Boston. 

Monsieur is wealthy and strange --- Sophie had always been showered by gifts from him but had never, laid eyes on him until she arrived at his estate. She is initially charmed by his good looks and and charisma but that quickly dissipates and he takes total control of her life.

She is not allowed to leave the grounds, or explore certain areas of the estate. She soon finds that, Monsieur has, had a slew of wives and the each of them, had the same lovely, vibrant red hair that she has. She slowly begins to unravel the mystery's surrounding their lives and finds herself chilled to the bone.

This story is based on Bluebeard fairytale and the creep factor will keep you entertained and turning the pages. The book is slightly, slow paced and predictable yet the layering of manipulation and cruelty build a strong enough foundation that you can't but help to love this debut novel.

Grade: A

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