Friday, May 17, 2013

The Next Time You See Me: A Novel by Holly Goddard Jones

"The Next Time You See Me" is an interesting read, full of flawed characters. Each character is more interesting than the last.

This excellent debut takes place in a small town and each character is connected to one another, sometimes in a variety of ways.  The character's are tragic, the story is depressing ---  yet, Jones draws you in with her realistic descriptions and grisly details.

It takes a bit to actually get into the novel but once you do the read is worth it.

Ronnie Eastman is missing. Thirteen you old, Emily has stumbled across a dead body.  Susanna is looking for her sister and Emily just happens to be student in her class. Tony the detective on the case, is a long lost crush of, Susanna's. Wyatt Powell is a town outcast and Sarah is a nurse in the local hospital.

All their lives intersect and the outcome is explosive.

Grade: B

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