Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life After Life: A Novel by Kate Atkinson

Life After Life is essentially a book about, how small choices can change the entire course of history. This book is an hefty 527 pages.  It covers a variety of themes. The main character, Ursula lives multiple lives and deaths. It is a "loop" of lives, a seemingly never ending circle.

The book itself starts off strong. It is  intriguing and a bit confusing until you get a full grasp of what is happening.  The life restarts can become daunting and you have retrace your steps to figure out what the heck you're reading. There are multiple plots some taking place during historical times.

Somewhere along the way the book starts to drag and the cleverness becomes overbearing but then it picks up and the ending leaves you wanting more.

This isn't the best or worst book, I have read this year and unless you have some serious time to waste on your hands....I'd pass on it or wait to read it until a later date.

Grade: C

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