Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When She Was Gone by Gross, Gwendolen

When She Was Gone, follows the story of young, Linsey, who seemingly disappears from her home, shortly before she is to leave for college.

Each neighbor has their own story to tell in regards to her disappearance and one neighbor seems more suspicious than the others.

Despite the slow place, the story is well written and the characters are intriguing. You easily become part of the neighborhood and are anxious to see the story unfold.

Grade: B

Overview [B&N]

What happened to Linsey Hart? When the Cornell-bound teenager disappears into the steamy blue of a late-summer morning, her quiet neighborhood is left to pick apart the threads of their own lives and assumptions.
Linsey’s neighbors are just ordinary people—but even ordinary people can keep terrible secrets hidden close. There’s Linsey’s mother, Abigail, whose door-to-door searching makes her social-outcast status painfully obvious; Mr. Leonard, the quiet, retired piano teacher with insomnia, who saw Linsey leave; Reeva, the queen bee of a clique of mothers, now obsessed with a secret interest; Timmy, Linsey’s lovelorn ex-boyfriend; and George, an eleven-year-old loner who is determined to find out what happened to his missing neighbor.

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