Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Heart Like Mine: A Novel by Amy Hatvany

Heart Like Mine, will be released March 19, 2013.

If you haven't read anything by Amy Hatvany, you should start now! Her writing is superb and she can really capture her audience. She makes character's that you think you couldn't relate to relatable.

I can't begin to understand what it is like to have a children, to be a single mother or in a relationship involved with a man who has children, yet ---  Hatvany put me in each of these character's shoes and made it possible to feel what they were going though. She, tells her story though point of view, narrative.

When, Grace fell in love with, Victor she had to put aside her feeling of motherhood and when Kelli (Victor's ex-wife) if found dead, Grace had to readjust her entire life. Grace should be celebrating, she is newly engaged but instead of celebrating she is helping, Victor picking up the shattered lives of his children.

Change is never easy and it just might destroy the very victims it touches. Marriage, death, divorce, love and family can create obstacles you never knew existed and it's up to these character's to find their way.

Grade: A

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