Wednesday, January 16, 2013

With or Without You: A Memoir by Domenica Ruta

With or Without You: A Memoir by Domenica Ruta goes on sale, February 26,2013.

Domenica Ruta (Nicki), grew up in the small town of, Danvers, MA. She is a child of the 80s. She is also the daughter of a drug addicted mother and a partially non-existent father. 

The relationship with her mother, Kathi is toxic. She is unpredictable, complex, angry, self absorbed and unstable. She creates a lot of turmoil for both, Nicki and herself. 

Nicki is brutally honest --- and her memoir is haunting. She shares things, that I would keep buried. She will make you cringe and be thankful for your own dysfunctional family. She is able to easily convey the multiple facets of her relationship with her mother. Her writing is easy to follow. Expect to finish this is one sitting.

Grade: A

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