Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Mask by Dean Koontz

The Mask is one of, Dean Koontz's older novels. It is quite a bit different from his more modern works. and is still quite an excellent read. It is rather riveting. This book is about forgiveness and redemption.

Koontz is an phenomenal storyteller and how he manages to write one great book after another is beyond me.

The Mask is spooky and the character's are fairly interesting.  The book is about a young couple who essentially take in a young girl who has amnesia. The young teen can't recall anything about herself and when she tries to she becomes frightened. Under hypnosis she reveals three different names, each one more peculiar the last.

Research uncovers that the names she revealed are of women who are no longer alive and have a rather violent history. Read the rest to find out who is in danger and who makes it out alive.

Fair warning --- the books ends abruptly.

Grade: B+

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