Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eve by Anna Carey

Eve is a interesting dystopian novel. The concept is quite terrifying, which makes this book such a compelling read.

Eve has always been told that when she graduates from High School, her future is promising. She is the brightest and the best in her class. Her school and many like it are secluded from society, they are behind walls and on the day the graduate they are to be "released" and taught a trade. Eve is excited for her future but on the eve of her graduation she finds out the truth.

The truth is so horrifying -- that she decides to leave (escape) her school. Leaving is risky and the consequences could be deadly. She is been taught that all men are evil --- and being outside her sheltered life will force her to make choices about men and whether or not to trust them.

The ending is rather rushed and left me disappointed but I assume it is because Carey is going to build upon it for a sequel.

Grade: B

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