Sunday, January 7, 2018

I'm Thinking of Ending Things By Iain Reid

Ever read a book and think to yourself, "What the fuck did, I just read?" because that just happened to me. It took me a while to actually unravel it all in my head and come up with my own theory/conclusion, which is what the writer wants you to do.

Here is the basics: We have our main character, Jake, who is an unreliable narrator. He is peculiar to say the least but very intelligent. He and his girlfriend embark on a trip to meet his parents. She uses this time to reflect in her mind if she should or shouldn't stay with, Jake. The visit to his parents house could be described as creepy and odd at best. After spending a short time there and having dinner they head back. It's a dark, snowy night and they are traveling the roads of a rural area when, Jake decides to make a stop at a school.

Right here.. this stop at the school is the unraveling of Jake and the creepy notch factor goes up. This is when things get out right confusing and you're scrambling to figure it all out.  I found myself re reading passages (something I seldom do) as I was certain I was missing something vital but I also wanted to finish the damn book as I was becoming increasingly irritated with it. Then it ends and you are left at WTF!

I suppose this might be one of those books that if you re read you would catch things and feel different about the entire thing but I don't want to reread it as I didn't care for it much in the first place. The characters and the story didn't deliver and I would suggest you pass on this one or read it if you don't have anything else in you to be read pile.

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